12/2013: As many of you may know we are currently without a bassist. With the craziness of our Kickstarter and writing we decided it was best to wait until things settled down to start our search. To us this is very important. This person needs to be more than just a bass player, but must also be a brother to us and a brother in Christ. So we've decided to officially start our search for a new bassist. If you want to try out or know anyone who would like to try out just send a video of you covering one of our songs (and any additional songs if you prefer) to this email:

Only submit if you meet these requirements:
- Must be a follower of Christ
- You have some kind of musical experience
- Must enjoy hard rock/metal music
- Must be ministry minded and willing to grow
- Must be between the ages of 18 (out of high school) - 27
- Must be willing to tour for a long period of time multiple times a year

Send in your videos and we will let you know as soon as we can one way or another. God bless. We love you guys and thanks for all the continued support you guys show us. We will contact you after we review all of the submissions.


12/2013:  THANK YOU!!!  Our Kickstarter Campaign was a success because of YOU!  We will be posting more information about the pledge rewards and shipping in the coming months as well as our album progress.  God is SO GOOD!




11/13: HERE IT IS - our Kickstarter Campaign for the new album! Please check it out, share it, and pray over it. We want this album to be huge for the Kingdom of God! Let's do this together! Love you!    http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theprotest/the-protests-next-album


10/13: Hey Protest family! We are excited to announce that our Kickstarter project for the new album will begin on November 1st around 5pm. Please help us get the word out and look for the link on Facebook and this website on November 1. Help us make an album that will impact the world with the love of Christ! Thank you.


10/13:  Several shows coming up in the next couple of months, but our focus now will be on writing and producing a new ALBUM!  Watch for our Kickstarter Promotion in November. 


9/13:  Never Say Die Tour  - Sept 18 thru Oct 6 with ForeverAtLast .  Please share the promotional video for the tour!   http://youtu.be/ooPRjZ7qQw4


8/9/13: The Blackout Tour with The Letter Black, Spoken, and Kingsdown - check out our "SHOWS" tab for a location near you!


7/16/13: Release of "Pull Me Away" single from our 'Game Changer' album, plus the official LIVE "Pull Me Away" video.  The video was filmed on our Rise Above tour by our friends and fans and we are dedicating it to our FRIENDS AND FANS for all their love and support.  God Bless!


June 2013:  on Tuesday, July 16 - release of a new SINGLE from our 'Game Changer' album to radio and internet stations all over the WORLD.  Help us make it our THIRD top track from the album and request it on your favorite stations.  And watch for a special surpise that same day - a long awaited video???...COUNTDOWN to 7-16!


May 2013 - We have collected all of the clips for the fan video "Pull Me Away" taken during our "Rise Above Tour". It is in its final production phases and will be released SOON!


April 2013 - The Protest will be filming a music video for their song "Pull Me Away" during their upcoming "Rise Above Tour" in April. This video, however, will be filmed by you, our FANS! We want to show others what it's like to be at a Protest show and what better way to do this than through the eyes of our fans. This video will be a celebration of our fans and friends because we believe we have the best fans in the business. So get those video phones ready and let's show everyone what The Protest is all about! Videos can be sent to theprotestvideos@gmail.com


Tour dates have been posted - check out http://www.reverbnation/theprotestrocks or our SHOWS tab for locations/dates/times - come out, bring a friend and ROCK with THE PROTEST!


"Game Changer" available on our Merchandise tab on this website, on our https://www.facebook.com/theprotest page under the cdBaby tab and on and iTunes, and Amazon


Thank you for all your radio and internet station requests of The Protest tunes!!! A list of some of those stations are on our MEDIA tab.


8/28/12: Release of "Game Changer" album worldwide!!!


8/7/12: Release of the single "Throw The Roses" from our debut album "Game Changer". You can listen right here on our main website, http://www.theprotestrocks.com , http://www.reverbnation.com/theprotestrocks, or request on radio and internet stations!


7/4/12: GAME CHANGER - The Protest's full length album will be released at our concert on Friday, August 24 at Trinity Life Center in Pendleton, IN and then nationwide Tuesday, August 28 on radio stations, iTunes, cdBaby, and Amazon.  Watch for details here and on our Facebook page


6/13/12: The Protest opening for Disciple at the Farmland Friends Church in Farmland, IN. Tickets available from iTickets.com


5/18/12-6/3/12: The Protest on tour with Sent By Ravens, Nine Lashes and Pure Star Movement


5/2/2012: Interview with FuelRadio.FM - Check out The Protest's interview with Rick "The Screamer" Linder   http://www.fuelradio.fm/interviewprotest.php


4/6/12: The Protest is in the studio with Travis Wyrick! Be sure to check out the Media page to see who    made a guest appearance on the record!!


2/14/12: The Protest has released the Official Music Video for We Will Rise!!! Catch in on the Media Page!!


Our new EP features Noah Henson from Pillar on the track "Chambers" and a special arrangement of "In The Air Tonight" (Phil Collins original) by The Protest.


Please check our "Shows" page or Facebook "Events" for a show near you to get your copy!



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